About Brittany Nicole

A hot cup of tea, Ballet, Samba dancing and a good book.  That’s all me!  Ok, there is actually a lot more to me.  My name is Brittany Nicole, those close to me call me B, B.B. or Britt.  I have always had a keen interest for learning since my youth.  As a child, my mom took us (two brothers) and myself to the bookstore and library every other weekend.  At that moment, I developed a hunger for knowledge about everything God ever created.  I taught myself over 5 foreign languages.  I also practiced ballet consecutively starting at the age of three.  Thereafter, I learned Bollywood dancing, Samba dancing, and I even cheered professionally in the NFL.  The list goes on deep with my many life experiences.  This brings me to my platform: A Vida Abundante “The Abundant Life”.   Abundance to me means a Full Life and reaching towards your greatest potential in every area with God.  

A Vida Abundante

Brittany Nicole ❤